Rain Gutters Saint Paul

Fun Facts about Rain Gutters for Homeowners in the Saint Paul, MN, Area

Rain Gutters Saint Paul MNRain gutters may not be something that most homeowners in the Saint Paul, Minnesota, area think about very often. While most homeowners are aware that gutters are designed to channel rainwater away from a home, it is easy to forget the extent to which the health of many residential and commercial structures would suffer without gutter systems in place. Without gutters, these structures would become vulnerable to the growth of mold and mildew, flooding, roof rot, paint damage, and much more. In fact, these troughs are much more important and interesting than we might think.

To give you a little more perspective on rain gutters, here are a few fun facts about the unsung heroes of infrastructure:

  • From 3000 to 1500 BC, the Harappan civilization – located in what is now Pakistan – was the site of the first gutter system on record.
  • Ancient Romans and Greeks used gargoyles on their buildings to act as rain gutters and channel rain water away from the important areas of the structure.
  • Prior to the 19th century, gutters were made out of wood. These days, they are produced using materials such as aluminum, plastic, steel, and copper.
  • Gutters were once installed on the roof of vehicles to prevent rain from falling on drivers’ heads when they exited the car.

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