Gutter Covers Ham Lake

The Highest Quality Gutter Covers for Your Home in the Ham Lake, MN, Area

Gutter Covers Ham Lake MNWhen it comes to gutter covers, there is only one product that stands apart from all the rest: Gutter Helmet. While there are a myriad of other gutter guards on the market today, Gutter Helmet of Minnesota’s multi-patented Gutter Helmet has been the gold standard in the industry for more than four decades. It fits over residential gutters and prevents the entry of leaves, seed pods, twigs, and other debris into the gutter system, allowing it to function effectively year after year. In fact, we are so confident in the performance of our gutter cover that we back it with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured your investment is protected.

Benefits of Our Gutters Covers

When you trust Gutter Helmet to install gutter covers on your home in the Ham Lake, MN, area, you will receive a meticulously designed product that is exceptionally:

  • Strong – Unlike gutter filters that are made out of flimsy wire or plastic mesh, our gutter guards are made from solid metal and are reinforced using heavy-gauge aluminum alloy brackets. This means they’ll be able to withstand strong winds and heavy loads of rain and snow.
  • Efficient – A nose-forward design and ribbed surface allow our gutter guards to coax water into the gutters using surface tension while sloughing off debris so it falls harmlessly to the ground below.
  • Durable – We apply a special anti-corrosive, multi-layered paint finish to our gutter covers to prevent them from chalking and fading over time.

Contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today to learn more about the benefits of our revolutionary gutter covers. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Ham Lake, MN, area.