Gutter Filter Eden Prairie MN

Gutter Helmet’s Gutter Filter Will Keep the Gutters Clear on your Eden Prairie, MN, Home

Gutter Filter Eden Prairie MNThe gutter filter offered by Gutter Helmet of Minnesota is the best product on the market for keeping your gutters clear of debris without sacrificing the proper functioning of your gutters. Designed by MIT alum Bob Demartini, the Gutter Helmet has a revolutionary, multi-patented design that will properly channel rainwater into your gutters even in the most torrential downpours, all while keeping pesky debris and animals out. We’re so confident in its performance that we back up our gutter filter with this guarantee: if your gutters ever clog after having the Gutter Helmet installed on your Eden Prairie, MN, home, we’ll clean them for free.

The Gutter Helmet gutter filter works by taking advantage of water’s natural ability to cling to the surface over which it flows. As water rounds the bull-nose edge and into the gutter, debris is sloughed off the roof and falls harmlessly to the ground below. It’ll be funneled well away from your downspouts, where it can create clogs and cause water to back up. Pooled water in your gutter can cause expensive property damage to your Eden Prairie, MN, home, including:

  • Roof rot
  • Landscape erosion
  • Flooded basements
  • And more

Plus, standing water in your gutters offers an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects, so keeping your gutters clear means fewer pesky insects flying around while you are trying to enjoy outdoor time with family and friends. Installing our gutter filter now means you won’t have to worry about these problems ever again. And with our lifetime transferrable warranty on service and materials, you can trust that Gutter Helmet of Minnesota will be there if there’s ever an issue.

Contact us today to learn more about how installing our gutter filter can help you preserve and protect your Eden Prairie, MN, home.