Gutter Filter

Gutter Filter Systems for Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Stillwater, Plymouth, and All Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Communities

gutter filterMinnesota and Western Wisconsin residents who need a gutter filter that will keep out leaves and other debris should look no further than Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. We’re the region’s exclusive dealer of Gutter Helmet, a multi-patented gutter guard that homeowners have trusted for more than 30 years. Our unique gutter protector has a specially coated, bull-nose edge that utilizes surface tension to channel water into your gutters while shedding pine needles, seed pods, twigs, and asphalt shingle granules. With this unique gutter filter system in place, your gutters will stay free of debris and you will never need to climb a ladder to clean your gutters again.

Additional benefits of our gutter filter include:

  • Preventing unsightly landscape erosion – Overfilled gutters can allow rainwater to spill over onto your lawn and into your hedges, cutting ruts and pits in your yard, but Gutter Helmet prevents the debris accumulation in your gutters that causes overrunning water.
  • Reducing moisture levels in your home – Adding our gutter filter can eliminate mold and mildew that forms in clogged gutters and infiltrates attics, open wall spaces, and other areas in your home.
  • Keeping birds and other animals from nesting in your gutters – The design of our leaf prevention guard inhibits animals from roosting in your gutters and downspouts.

An added benefit you’ll receive with Gutter Helmet is a lifetime warranty that covers materials and labor. We’ll even give you our no-clog guarantee; if your gutters ever clog, we’ll clean them for free. In addition to our product guarantee, we also offer affordable financing to all qualified homeowners.

For more information, contact Gutter Helmet today. We install our gutter filter on homes throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, including in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnetonka, and beyond.