Gutter Guards Lakeville

Industry-Leading Gutter Guards for Homes in the Lakeville, MN, Area & Beyond

Gutter Guards Lakeville MNGutter guards from Gutter Helmet of Minnesota are ideal for homeowners who no longer want to climb a tall ladder to clean rotting, organic material out of their gutters again. Our multi-patented gutter cover delivers unrivaled performance and durability year after year, effectively channeling rainwater away from homes and ensuring that they remain free from the costly and devastating effects of water damage.

What makes our gutter guards so different is their exceptional construction. Their design incorporates several unique features that help them outperform comparable products offered in the Lakeville, Minnesota, area, including:

  • Bull-nose edges – Our gutter guards use an innovative “nose-forward” design that allows surface tension to channel water directly into your gutters while casting away leaves, twigs, seed pods, and other debris, causing them all to fall harmlessly to the ground below.
  • Ribbed surfaces – To increase water tension and tensile strength, our gutter cover has a ribbed surface that will allow it to withstand the heaviest rainfall, snowfall, and ice loads.
  • A PermaLife™ finish – This special coating enhances color retention and protects the surface of the product against fading, chipping, and other damage.

Furthermore, when you partner with us, you will receive highly personalized and professional service, as evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To learn more about having our gutter guards installed, contact the professionals at Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Lakeville, MN, area.