Gutter Guards Minnetonka

Our Gutter Guards Can Protect Your Home in the Minnetonka, MN, Area From Water Damage

Gutter Guards Minnetonka MNThere are many gutter guards available for homeowners in the Minnetonka, Minnesota, area, but there is only one Gutter Helmet – a highly effective, patented product that will keep debris out of your gutters for as long as you own your home. For over a decade, countless homeowners have turned to Gutter Helmet of Minnesota to provide them with these outstanding gutter guards and help them avoid the painstaking – and often dangerous – task of scaling a ladder to clean their gutters. What makes our system stand apart from all of the rest? Instead of vents, screens, or holes, which can become clogged, our Gutter Helmet has an innovative, bull-nose edge that takes advantage of surface tension to direct water right into the gutter system while sending debris falling harmlessly to the ground below.

By using our gutter guards to keep your gutters flowing freely, you can prevent a whole slew of costly problems from plaguing your Minnetonka, MN, area home, including:

  • Roof rot – Water that backs up in your gutters can seep into the roofing materials and eat away the supportive material underneath.
  • Eroded landscaping – Water that spills over the sides of the gutters can wash away topsoil and kill the surrounding landscape.
  • Flooded basement – Clogged gutters can cause water to pool around the foundation of your home, where it can seep into your basement through tiny cracks and openings in the wall.

For more information about our gutter guards, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Minnetonka, MN, area.