Gutter Leaf Guard Minneapolis

Gutter Helmet: A Top-Notch Gutter Leaf Guard for your Minneapolis, MN, Home

Gutter Leaf Guard Minneapolis MNGutter Helmet’s revolutionary gutter leaf guard is available exclusively for Minneapolis homeowners through Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. With its patented “nose forward” design, Gutter Helmet is guaranteed to keep your gutters clear from organic debris, putting an end to that annual gutter cleaning chore.

That was Bob Demartini’s goal when, in 1969, he first designed what would eventually become known as the Gutter Helmet. Demartini, an MIT graduate, wanted a gutter protection system that was not made out of flimsy mesh material. Taking advantage of water’s natural tendency to cling to the surface over which it travels, Demartini used a bull nose edge to channel rainwater and snow melt into his gutters, while debris fell off the edge of the roof and harmlessly to the ground below.

Our gutter leaf guard will forever keep your gutters in Minneapolis, MN, free from:

  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Pine needles
  • Seed pods
  • Tree nuts
  • And more

Plus, with only a narrow opening between the gutter cover and the gutter, Gutter Helmet prevents squirrels, birds, and insects from nesting in your gutters and creating problems. And because Gutter Helmet is constructed from heavy duty aluminum and designed with a ribbed surface for added surface tension and strength, it will hold up without fail, even when subjected to heavy snow and ice.

Contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today and discover for yourself why Gutter Helmet is the gutter leaf guard of choice for Minneapolis, MN, homeowners.