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Cleaning your Home Gutters on your Minneapolis, MN, Home Can be Dangerous

Home Gutters Minneapolis MNEach year, home gutters clog from fallen debris, and residents in Minneapolis, Minnesota, climb their ladders to clean them. Unfortunately, some of those homeowners will suffer ladder-related injuries each year, with potentially serious consequences. Broken bones, head wounds, and worse can occur when someone falls from a height of 20 feet or more, a 2014 study showed. Plus, cleaning your home gutters in Minneapolis, MN can expose you to other potentially dangerous hazards, including:

  • Electrical wires – Downspouts tend to be located near the point where power lines go into your home, and getting too close can have disastrous results.
  • Slippery surfaces – Some homeowners choose to stand on the roof and clean the gutters, thinking the solid surface will be safer. But, roofs can be slick from moss or from gutter debris, creating highly hazardous conditions.
  • Dizziness – Whether from standing on the roof and crouching down, or from the exertion of climbing the ladder itself, it’s easy for homeowners to get light-headed, which leads to balance issues.

Installing a Gutter Helmet protection system on your gutters saves you time and energy every year, and possibly saves you from injury as well. Gutter Helmet protects your home gutters by only allowing water in, keeping the passageway clear every time a storm arises or snow begins to melt. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, seed pods, and other fallen debris are kept out of your gutters forevermore. Simply put, you will never again have to climb a ladder to clean your gutters.

Contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today to learn more about the ways in which we can help you protect your home gutters in Minneapolis, MN.