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How to Clean Your Home Gutters in the Minneapolis, MN, Area

Home Gutters Minneapolis MNYour home gutters have the incredibly important task of channeling water away from your house and protecting it from the costly and unpleasant effects of water damage. If your home gutters are not working properly, your home could be left vulnerable to a whole slew of issues that may cost thousands of dollars to repair, including a cracked foundation, landscape erosion, mold and mildew growth, basement flooding, insect infestation, and more.

Just like many other components of your home, gutters require regular maintenance in order to keep them working and prevent the aforementioned issues before they start. Here are a few basic tricks that can help you tackle the job efficiently:

  • Use a standoff – This will allow you to rest your ladder on the roof without causing gutter scratches and dents.
  • Start at the gutters – Using gloves and a gutter scoop, shovel any debris out of your gutters
  • Clear the downspouts – Use a forceful spray from a hose to open up your downspouts to give standing water a way out. You may need to take apart the elbows by drilling out the rivets and reassembling the pieces with stainless-steel sheet-metal-screws.
  • Flush – Once the home gutters are clean and downspout elbows are reattached, hose everything down to make sure it is draining properly.
  • Seal leaks – When the gutter is dry, use a butyl-based gutter caulk to fill small holes to prevent leaks of any kind.

At Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, we can provide you with gutter guards that will prevent your home gutters from clogging so that they can continue to work efficiently year after year. Our gutter guards have been the best in the industry for more than three decades, and are so effective that once they’re installed you will never need to scale a ladder to clean your gutters again – guaranteed.

For additional information about our gutter guards and other protection products for your home gutters, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Minneapolis, MN, area, and beyond.