Leaf Filter Woodbury

A Top-Notch Leaf Filter for Your Home in the Woodbury, MN, Area

Leaf Filter Woodbury MNAre you in the market for a leaf filter for your home in Woodbury, or a neighboring Minnesota suburb? Does the thought of having to scale a leader to clean rotting organic material out of your gutters make you wince? If so, Gutter Helmet of Minnesota has the perfect solution for you.  Originally created in 1981 by Bob Demartini, our gutter protection system is the most effective and long-lasting leaf filter that money can buy. Once the product is installed, it will keep your gutters flowing freely so you never have to clean them again. It even comes with a lifetime transferable warranty on materials and performance, so you can feel confident that your investment is protected.

There are many features that make our leaf filter a smart investment for your Woodbury, MN, home and set it apart from the competition. For example, Gutter Helmet has:

  • A revolutionary nose-forward design that allows water to enter your gutters while debris is separated and falls to the ground below
  • Reinforced aluminum alloy brackets to ensure a long-lasting installation
  • A textured surface that promotes tensile strength, ensuring even the heaviest rainfall and snowfall flows off of the roof and into the gutters
  • A PermaLife™ finish that enhances color retention and protects the surface of the product against damage

Furthermore, as a Gutter Helmet customer, you will be assisted by highly skilled technicians who boast years of industry experience and will know how to install your new gutter cover with flawless precision.

Contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today for more information about having a leaf filter installed on your Woodbury, MN, home.