Leaf Filter Maple Grove

A Top-Notch Leaf Filter for Gutters on Your Home in the Maple Grove, MN, Area & Beyond

Leaf Filter Maple Grove MNA top-notch leaf filter from Gutter Helmet of Minnesota will put an end to the annual drudgery of having to scoop out smelly, decaying material from the gutter system on your home in the Maple Grove, Minnesota, area. Ever since the Gutter Helmet hit the market in 1981, our innovative product has saved homeowners across the country from having to risk injury climbing their ladders every year to clean their gutters and downspouts, giving them more time to spend with their loved ones doing the things they enjoy.

The Gutter Helmet leaf filter works by taking advantage of water’s natural tendency to cling to the surface over which it travels – a principle known as surface tension. As rain water or snow melt flows toward the edge of your roof, it rounds the bull-nosed edge and is deposited into your gutter system. Since debris cannot round that edge, it is cast off of the roof and falls harmlessly to the ground below. This simple, yet innovative system is guaranteed to deliver perfect results each time, forever keeping the gutters on your Maple Grove, MN, area home free from:

  • Pine needles
  • Twigs
  • Leaves
  • Tree nuts
  • Seed pods
  • And more

Plus, with only a narrow slit between the gutter and cover, our leaf filter also prevents birds, squirrels, and insects from nesting in your gutter system.

To learn more about having a leaf filter installed on your home in the Maple Grove, MN, area, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today.