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Leaking Gutters: Common Causes and Solutions for Homeowners in the Burnsville, MN, Area

Gutters Burnsville MNGutters serve the vital function of channeling rainwater off of your roof and away from your home in the Burnsville, Minnesota, area, so if they’re leaking, they might as well be rendered useless. To prevent your gutter system from leaking, it’s important to check it for any cracks, gaps, and openings where water can get through. By staying diligent and knowing where to check for weak spots, you can prevent a whole slew of potentially costly repair issues due to water damage – like a cracked foundation, rotting drywall, and even basement flooding.

Some of the common causes of gutter leakage include:

  • Gutter separation – Gutter systems are weakest at the seams where one piece is attached to another. The sealant can wear off or the screws securing the two sections can become loose, allowing water to flow through the gaps between the separated gutters and onto the ground. When examining your gutter system, pay close attention to the seams and pour water near any questionable areas to see if they leak. Separated gutters can be mended with sealant or by replacing the missing screws.
  • Sloped gutters – Excess weight (sometimes caused by fallen debris or tree limbs) can lead to sagging and improper sloping in the middle of a guttering run. Gutters that aren’t properly sloped don’t allow runoff water to be directed toward the downspouts, causing the water to drain slower, which creates even more excess weight. If not adjusted back to their proper slope, this can lead to loose, or even falling gutters. Use a level to determine if there are spots along your gutter system that are lower than they should be, then adjust the height of the hanger so that the gutters are raised accordingly.
  • Clogged gutters – When leaves, seed pods, twigs, dirt, and other debris accumulate inside your gutter system, they block the flow of runoff water, which then has no choice but to spill over the sides. To prevent this, clean your gutters at least twice a year, or invest in a gutter guard system that will prevent clogging for you.

Gutter Solutions

If the gutters on your home are sagging and allowing water to cascade from the roof to the ground, or even if you just want less maintenance to worry about, Gutter Helmet of Minnesota can help. Our gutters are manufactured from heavy-duty, .032 gauge aluminum and finished with a special paint process and surface protector, all designed to handle heavy snow, rain, and whatever else nature brings. We make them even more functional and durable by custom-manufacturing them on-site at your home in a process that minimizes the number of seams and eliminates the potential for leakage. We also measure and custom-fit your gutter system to the contours of your home, which ensures that your gutters will capture and divert water as intended.  And to keep your gutters working effectively without the tedious chore of cleaning them, we also offer our innovative Gutter Helmet gutter guard system, which prevents clogs from leaves and other wind-blown debris. In fact, this system is so reliable, we guarantee you’ll never have to clean your gutters again.

What’s more, all of our products carry the strongest warranty protection available in the industry. To find out how you can have our gutters and gutter protection products installed on your home in Burnsville, MN, or a nearby community, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today.