Preventing Moldy Gutters

Preventing Moldy Gutters

Preventing Moldy Gutters | Gutter HelmetMold is a fungus that grows in warm, damp, and humid conditions. It multiplies through spores and is spread by air, water, and insects. Unfortunately, the standing moisture and debris your gutters harbor makes them the ideal breeding ground for mold. More than anything, this is a safety issue, as mold poses health risks by negatively impacting the quality of the air.

If you have noticed mold in your gutters, you should remove it immediately using liquid bleach and a scrub brush. However, if you want to prevent moldy gutters from happening in the first place, then regular cleaning and maintenance is key. At least twice a year — once in the late spring and once in the late summer/early fall — you’ll want to begin by cleaning your gutters near a downspout. Remove all of the large debris with a towel and dump it in a bucket. To clean out the finer materials, you will want to flush the gutter lengths with a hose starting at the end opposite the downspout, all the while inspecting the gutter sections and downspouts for any maintenance issues, such as leaks and clogs.

Install Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards

While regular maintenance is absolutely crucial if you want to prevent moldy gutters, there is another way to prevent mold that requires no tedious gutter cleaning at all: installing gutter guards. At Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, we offer our revolutionary aluminum gutter covers that help coax rainwater into your gutters while sloughing away leaves, twigs, and other debris. These covers ensure that your gutter system remains unobstructed and water can continue flowing freely through it — preventing the accumulation of moisture and debris that can breed mold.

Moreover, once our gutter guards are installed, you will never need to climb a ladder to clean rotting debris out of your gutters again. In fact, we back our gutter guards with a lifetime warranty, and will even come to your home and clean your gutter system if you should experience a clog after our product has been installed.

Contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today to learn more about our gutter guards and how they can help prevent mold from growing in the gutters at your home.