Rain Gutter Saint Paul

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Rain Gutter in Saint Paul, MN?

Rain Gutter Saint Paul MN

Your rain gutter is one of the most important components of your home in the Saint Paul, Minnesota, area. It is meant to channel water away from your home to a drainage area, in order to keep your house and the surrounding property dry. If your rain gutter becomes clogged by debris such as dirt, leaves, twigs, seed pods, or other material, water can overflow from your gutters and cause issues that are both unpleasant and expensive.

A few of the issues that can arise if you do not clean the rain gutters on your Saint Paul, MN, home properly include:

  • Insect infestation – The moist debris in gutters is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.
  • Landscape damage – The water that overflows from obstructed gutters can kill any plants or grass that is living below.
  • Basement leaks – Water that pools around the foundation of your home can infiltrate basement walls and cause black mold, flooding, and other damage.

What if there were a way to keep your rain gutter clean without having to climb a ladder and scoop rotting debris out of it yourself? If you turn to Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, that is exactly what we can provide for you. Our multi-patented Gutter Helmet has an innovative nose-forward design that will ensure water is channeled into your gutters while debris is sloughed away, allowing your rain gutter to remain unclogged and perform efficiently year after year.

To learn more about the products we offer to keep your rain gutter functioning perfectly year-round, contact the pros at Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Saint Paul, MN, area.