Rain Gutters Eden Prairie

In Eden Prairie, MN, Rain Gutters Must Also Handle Winter’s Snow

Rain Gutters Eden Prairie MNRain gutters are a critical component of your home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, as they divert storm water from the roof away from the base of your home where it could otherwise pool and lead to soil erosion, a soggy basement, and even a weakened foundation.

However, poorly functioning rain gutters that sag under the weight of a heavy snowfall can also do more harm than good by creating gaps between the roof and the gutter where water can escape to the ground and collect exactly where you don’t want it. So you’re smart to look for rain gutters that can handle winter’s frozen precipitation as well, and Gutter Helmet of Minnesota is here to help. Here are some of the ways our products especially suit the climate in Eden Prairie, MN, and surrounding communities:

  • Our seamless gutters are custom-fit and specially made on-site at your home in a way that eliminates the joints that can make gutters vulnerable to leaks and sagging.
  • We use high-quality, .032-gauge aluminum – strong enough to resist buckling under the typical snowfalls of this region – and we coat it with paint and finish that helps our rain gutters keep their looks year after year, no matter what the season.
  • We also offer a gutter accessory called Helmet Heat, a self-regulating cable system that heats and melts snow at the roof’s edge before the snow can freeze into ice dams that can slide off and cause injuries.

What’s more, for all of our products, we offer lifetime warranties that are among the strongest you’ll find in the industry. That gives you confidence in the value of your investment and peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about your gutters again as long as you own your home.

For more information about rain gutters and other related weather-resistant products for your home in Eden Prairie, MN, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today.