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How to Test Gutters for Leaks on Your Home in the Minnetonka, MN, Area

Gutters Minnetonka MNGutters are one of the unsung heroes of a home, quietly protecting residences in the Minnetonka, Minnesota, area from costly water damage without most homeowners giving them a second thought. When a gutter is malfunctioning, however, it can’t direct rainwater properly, instead leaving it to pool near your home where it has the potential to do the most damage. Without a proper drainage system, the excess moisture can create conditions that allow mold and fungus to grow, erode topsoil, and compromise the foundation of your home. To avoid these unpleasant and stressful issues, test your gutters for leaks to ensure they continue to function properly and protect your home.

The Testing Process

Before testing your gutters, clean them thoroughly to ensure they’re completely free of debris. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps to check gutters for leaks on your Minnetonka, MN, area home:

  1. Set up – Find a position for your ladder that allows you to climb it easily and also gives you the best access to the top of your gutter system.
  2. Run the hose – Turn on your garden hose and take it to the positioned ladder. Then, place the hose inside the gutter so water will run into it. You will need to set up the hose so that it doesn’t move or have someone else help hold it in position for you.
  3. Check the perimeter – Walk around the entire perimeter of the house, looking out for any water draining down from the gutters in spots where it shouldn’t be. Continue to move around the house and check the gutter system from different vantage points to ensure you’re not missing any leaks.
  4. Take note – Pay attention to any areas where you noticed that leaking is a concern and use a china marker to note them. Those areas should be repaired as soon as possible to maintain the full functionality of your gutters and prevent water damage to your home.

Fixing the Leaks

If your gutters are leaking, patch the holes with roofing cement or a metal repair patch kit. When patching holes does not work, you can cut out the part of the gutter that’s damaged and replace it with a new piece, or purchase a gutter repair kit. The best way to take care of a leaking gutter system however, is to prevent the situations that cause them before they arise. Cleaning out gutters at least twice a year and making sure they’re properly pitched so that the water is channeled downhill and through your downspouts is an example of basic upkeep that will go a long way.

When it’s time to replace your gutters, consider a material such as aluminum that can be installed seamlessly, which creates less of a chance for leaking. At Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, we construct our GenGo gutters from heavy-duty .032 gauge aluminum, so they’re strong enough to handle the harshest weather conditions with ease. We also custom miter our gutter systems to fit the exact dimensions of your home, which minimizes the amount of seams and will make leaking gutters a thing of the past.

For more information about our gutters for your home, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today. We proudly serve residents of Minnetonka, MN, and all other nearby areas.