Gutters Saint Paul ARTICLE

Why You Need Gutters on Your Saint Paul, MN, Area Home

Gutters Saint Paul MNGutters channel water off of the roof and away from your Saint Paul, Minnesota, area home, which protects the exterior components, such as your siding, doors, windows, and foundation, from water damage. When gutters are leaking, broken, or clogged, however, rainwater can spill off the roof and collect on the ground, potentially cracking or damaging your foundation. Standing pools of water also leave the interior of your home vulnerable to a plethora of problems once the water begins to seep in, including home and basement flooding and mold formation.

Structural damage and flooding are the most costly potential threats from malfunctioning gutters, but there are many other problems that may arise from ineffective gutters on your home in Saint Paul, MN, or a neighboring community. Here are only a few of them:

  • Landscaping damage around your home due to fungi that can kill trees and flowers
  • Staining of your home’s soffit and fascia, exterior walls, walkways, and driveway
  • Rotted materials in the fascia boards, soffit, and roof
  • Infestation of mosquitoes and other insects that breed in standing water on the ground or in your gutters

Preventative Maintenance

Some vigilance is required in order to prevent the costly repair issues that an inadequate gutter system may cause. At minimum, they should be cleaned twice a year; once in early spring and then again in late fall. It’s also important to make sure that the gutters are securely attached to the roof and not pulling away from your house. Additionally, make sure downspouts are free of leaves and other loose debris that can clump and clog your gutter system. Furthermore, always check for dents, holes, and rusted spots.

Where to Find a Reliable Gutters

If you invest in top-quality products from an expert installation company, you won’t have to worry about tedious maintenance or the possibility of malfunctioning gutters any longer. Since 2001, Gutter Helmet of Minnesota has been custom-manufacturing and installing outstanding gutters with a lifetime warranty for homeowners in this area. We use tough, .032-gauge aluminum to fabricate our gutters, which makes them resilient enough to hold up in heavy rain and snow, as well as strong winds. We also custom-miter our gutters at the job site to minimize the number of seams, or connection points, which tend to be the weakest parts of a gutter. In addition, we offer our innovative Gutter Helmet gutter protection system, which prevents leaves, twigs, insects, and other debris from clogging your new gutter system. When you invest in our gutter guard system, we guarantee that you never have to clean your gutters again; in the unlikely event they clog, we’ll clean them for you – free of charge.

To learn more about our outstanding gutters and gutter protection products for your home in Saint Paul, MN, or a nearby community, contact Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today.