Rotting Wood Under Gutters

Rotting Wood Under Gutters – Causes & Prevention

Rotting Wood Under Gutters | Gutter HelmetThe wood behind your gutters is called a fascia board and, over time, it can begin to rot due to constant exposure to water. Rainwater flows down your shingles to the end of the roof, but instead of being channeled directly into a properly sloped gutter and downspout to be drained away from your house, some of it will adhere to the underside of a shingle and drip down onto a fascia board. Over time, the water can begin to soak the fascia board and weaken your entire gutter system.


Thankfully, there are several ways that you can prevent rotting wood under gutters, such as by keeping:

  • Your gutters clean – This is the most important aspect of preventing the wood under your gutters from rotting. Check the slope of your gutters, inspect your gutters for damage, and clean all of the downspouts and drains regularly to ensure that there are no leaks, cracks, or obstructions, and that water can continue to flow through your gutters freely.
  • Wood fascia caulked – If water comes into contact with the fascia, the wooden surface will be protected from rot if the gaps are caulked and in good condition.
  • The pests away – This area of your home is an appealing place for squirrels, wasps, and other critters, so it’s important to remove them immediately, before they can damage your fascia.

At Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, we have industry-leading gutter products — including our revolutionary Gutter Helmet gutter guards — that will help not only prevent water from seeping into your fascia, but also prevent you from ever needing to clean rotting debris out of your gutters again. Contact us today to learn more.